Bath Remodeling

Let's face it.....your bath is a personal space... a space you escape in, relax in, and get ready to meet the world in. Let us help you design a bath that is comfortable, inviting, and functional!

Remodeling a bath is a great investment! Remodeling magazine reports that the 2011-2012 average return on investment for the region that includes Georgia is 67.3%, well above the national average of 57.7%. But return on investment is not the only reason that remodeling your baths is a great investment!

Too often, a home goes up for sale, and the owner has to reduce the price in negotiations because the baths are old and dated. Wouldn't it be better to invest in the new baths now and enjoy them?

Remodeled baths are much more desirable when a home is for sale!

It's a fact. Remodeled and updated homes sell faster! So think about it this way...if you have a house payment of $1,000.00, and your updated bath (which you have been enjoying all this time) causes your home to sell six months faster than it would have otherwise, that's $6,000.00 you didn't spend on your old house!