Sentry Construction is an Expert in Fire Damage Repair!"

We all understand how dangerous and devastating fire can be. As a society we spend huge sums of money for municipal fire protection, and life safety building codes abound to protect us in the event of a fire. A major fire loss can be as emotionally destructive as a death, and the financial impact can be devastating as well. At Sentry Construction Company, we can help you with your claim from start to finish; from emergency service repairs immediately after the fire to the day you move back into your expertly restored home! Our Certified Restorer designation from RIA, the highest in the fire restoration industry, proves that we have been independently examined and tested regarding fire damage to buildings and belongings, and passed with flying colors! We provide expert damage estimation, top quality construction, and our two year proactive warranty provides peace of mind long after the fire is just a story you tell. If you have had fire damage to your home or business, call us now, and then click here to learn more about fire and smoke damage restoration.