Mold Damage(continued)

When excessive mold contaminates a building, Sentry Construction Company follows these principles in dealing with the mold:

Provide for Health & Safety
Because mold damaged buildings are associated with health problems, mold remediators work to protect the health of workers and occupants. Some of our work practices help to prevent workers from exposure as they disturb the mold during cleanup, while other work practices help to prevent mold from spreading to occupied areas of the building.

Document Conditions and Processes
Mold remediators record conditions in the building such as the extent of the contamination and the amount of moisture saturation. Once remediation is completed, an independent indoor environmental professional may record that mold in the building is returned to normal levels.

Control the Mold Contaminant at its Source
Our work practices aim at keeping mold contamination from becoming airborne and then spreading from the contaminated areas to clean areas. This reduces the amount of airborne mold that workers are exposed to, and it also makes the process of removing mold more efficient.

Remove Contamination
Once mold has grown beyond normal levels, the most effective solution is to remove the excess mold contamination. This may be accomplished by physically removing materials damaged by growing mold, by vacuuming excessive mold spores into HEPA filters, and by damp wiping soiled surfaces with detergent cleaning products.

Correct the Moisture Problem
This is the key to dealing with mold! Correct the sources of moisture that initially contributed to mold growth. Even the best cleanup efforts will not keep mold from returning if a building continues to have moisture problems.