The Mark of a Pro!

I spent a couple of hours one Tuesday at the March meeting of the Middle Georgia Home Builders Association.  We had a Board of Directors meeting at 11:00, followed by lunch and a general membership meeting at 12:00.  Georgia Power hosted the meeting at their auditorium on Key Street, and a Georgia Power engineer spoke about current legislative issues affecting the construction industry, particularly as they relate to energy.  Those that attended received an hour of continuing education credit.
            As we talked and listened for those two hours, exchanging information and ideas,   I thought about the many contractors who are members of the Home Builders Association.  What, if anything, sets these contractors apart from the many contractors who are not members? Does it make a difference?  Then it occurred to me; of course it does!  In almost every profession, whether it is medicine, business management, insurance, or contracting, professionalism is marked by membership in professional organizations, by professional certifications, and by continuing education.
            Think about it.  How would you feel if you discovered that your doctor never learned anything after medical school?  Or that the CEO of the company you work for didn’t proactively seek out new information and new ideas to keep your company competitive?  I don’t know about you, but I would feel a bit uneasy, and would question that individual’s professionalism!
            If you are considering building a home, adding on or remodeling, doesn’t it make sense to seek out and hire a builder who is a real pro?  Of course it does.  You want a builder who is exposed to new ideas, products, and fresh ways of doing things, someone who is up to date on the latest codes and requirements, someone who is constantly improving themselves and their businesses. 
            It doesn’t matter if you are building new, adding on, remodeling, or repairing some kind of damage to your home.  As you interview prospective contractors to hire, ask them what professional organizations they belong to, what professional certifications they hold, and what continuing education they have completed in the last year.  It will quickly become apparent who the real pros are! 

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