Water Damage

Next to a fire, water damage is the most destructive thing that can happen to your home or business. A burst pipe at city or well pressure can release as much as fifty gallons of water a minute, causing a huge amount of damage in a short period of time. And the damage keeps increasing, even after the water is shut off. As time passes, the damage resulting from water grows exponentially, and even a small water loss can become a major repair if not expertly restored. At Sentry Construction Company we are the most highly qualified firm you can work with when it comes to water damage. We are experts at finding all the loose water; in walls, under cabinets, between layers of sub-flooring, and professionally drying the structure before more damage can occur. We also provide you with the documentation that you need to prove to a buyer or insurance company that your home was properly restored. Click here for an example of the documentation!

Our Water Loss Specialist Designation from RIA, the highest in the water damage industry, proves that we have been independently examined and tested regarding water damage, and passed with flying colors! If you have had water damage to your home or business, call us now, and then click here to learn more about water damage.