“What Sentry Construction Won’t Do For You!”

We Won’t Borrow your Supplies

We bring our own supplies. We do not use your possessions. We will not use your tools, cleaning supplies, telephone, appliances, waste containers, or anything else. Each of our teams is equipped to carry everything needed to do the job right and clean up afterwards.

We Won’t Make Surprise Visits

We always call first. Prior to our visiting your home or business we will call you and get approval as to the dates and times that our teams may work. We respect your schedule and your privacy. We recognize that you have a life that does not stop because your home is being worked on.

We Won’t Leave Our Trash Behind

All waste and debris is collected regularly and removed from our work sites. Our tools and equipment needing cleaning are moved away from your home so we don’t leave a mess on the lawn or the driveway.

We Won’t Leave Your Home Unlocked

We use a lockbox to secure an extra key on the door. You can leave your house and lock the door, knowing that we can get in, work as needed, and lock the home behind us. Your home will be closed securely when we leave.

We Won’t Talk About You

We do not discuss your business with strangers. Sometimes a curious neighbor may drop by and ask questions about the job, time frame for completion, or the cost. We do not discuss these matters with anyone. We refer the inquirer to you to answer questions.

We believe that we are given a trust when we are working for you. We will do everything necessary to protect that trust.